13X Entertainment represent artists and brands, connecting them to opportunities across entertainment, media, and business.

We help our clients entertain, inform, and inspire the world.

Negotiating contracts

Our experienced team excels at navigating the intricacies of contract negotiations on behalf of our clients.

Marketing and image

We believe that a compelling image and effective marketing strategy are vital for success in the entertainment industry.


We handle all aspects of tour management, from logistics and scheduling to venue bookings and promotion.

Artist development

We work closely with our clients to identify their strengths, refine their skills, and help them grow as artists.


Effective promotion is crucial in gaining visibility and generating buzz for our clients.

Multimedia opportunities

We actively seek out and capitalize on multimedia opportunities for our clients, including collaborations.

Creating Opportunities for talent

From forging partnerships across entertainment and media to providing strategic consulting to deepening connections with consumers, we position our clients for success.

Go beyond anything you ever imagined.

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With our expertise, relationships, insights, and broad capabilities, we work with each client to help them achieve their unique creative and business objectives.

- 13X Entertainment Team